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Welcome to Leading Movies!

What is Leading Movies?

Leading Movies is a website which aims to offer you the opportunity to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free online. We constantly update the website by adding new Movies and TV Shows to the system. We have various other features such as a movie list, a search function to look for specific movies and also a latest movies page which will show you the most recently added movies. Everything is set up for you so you just need to sit back, get your popcorn and relax!

Why is Leading Movies better than other websites?

Leading Movies is contantly updated with new and upcoming movies which ensures we have the right movie that you are looking for. Furthemore, we have a list of TV Shows which most other movie websites don't provide; this allows you to catch up on all your TV soaps that you may have missed out on! Another benefit of using our website is that we do not charge you a penny for using it - you just select the Movie you want and get your links in a few minutes whereas other websites charge for memberships!!!

How many movies does Leading Movies have listed?

Leading Movies has over 38,000 movies listed in its database and is constantly adding more!